FOXY Choice - FOXY Lady Approved and Female Friendly

Signs of Quality

We think women drivers deserve better motoring services, hence our network of FOXY Lady Approved female friendly garages and repairers.

Did you realise that UK garages don’t have to be licensed or mechanics regularly trained and accredited to repair our ever complex cars? Or that anyone can set up as a used car dealer, with or without business premises.

As you might expect this all contributes towards safety concerns, accidents even and inevitably a high level of complaints. And to top it all, women feel particularly vulnerable in such a masculine environment.

So we have made it our business to identify and promote the best female friendly garages, repairers and car dealers by putting the spotlight on their measurable signs of quality at this website. As a result, women can cherry-pick the best local services to suit, and steer clear of lesser others.

How to avoid unlicensed garages, repairers and car dealers

  • Share your female feedback about genuinely good and female friendly garages, repairers and car dealers

The FOXY Lady Approved Promise

All garages, repairers and car dealers listed at this website have signed the female friendly FOXY Lady Approved Promise to “never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.”