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Female friendly FOXY Promise

FOXY identifies signs of superior quality in UK garages, repairs and car dealers, explaining these in a Garage Services Guide. This is intended to help women drivers choose the best and female friendly local garages or repairers based on knowledge about their investment in being better than the rest.

All FOXY Lady Approved garages and repairers have signed the FOXY Promise to “never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.”

And just in case any business listed here fails to keep the FOXY Lady Approved Promise or falls short of expectations otherwise we ask you to keep us informed.

In serious circumstances involving car safety or where a listed business clearly doesn’t care tuppence about your concerns, our Terms and Conditions allow us to de-list any business AND WE WILL do this.

Find the best and female friendly garages, dealers and car dealerships in your area.

Find the best and female friendly accident repair centres and bodyshops in your area.

Recommend a female friendly garage or accident repair centre in your area.

Read about the FOXY Lady Approved Female Business Ambassador network.


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